Kirsten Lundsgaardvig was born in Denmark in 1942

Educated at the Royal Academy of art in Copenhagen

Student of Professor Søren Hjort Nielsen

She looks upon herself as an imaginative artist, that is, to a great extend she uses her own fantasy. She is very dependent upon nature and has a naturalistic personality.
As she herself says,"Loneliness is my strength and I must have complete peace in order to work".

Kirsten Lundsgaardvig uses a unique technique in her paintings. The canvases are first covered with layer upon layer of paint until the structure that she requires is achived. Only then is the subject itself painted. It can take up to a year before the largest paintings are finished.
She also works in other media such as collage and watercolor. The materials for the collages are collected from the shores of West Denmark, assembled later, and then painted.

Member of:
The Young Artists Society
Norwegian Artists, Agder County
The National Union of Norwegian Painters
The pasinters Organisation; Denmark

Displayed at:
Jens Nielsen and Olivia Holm - Møller Museum, Holstebro, Denmark
Nord-Jylland Museum of Art, Ålborg, Denmark

Ole Haslunds Artists Fund 1965
Ebba Cellinders Legacy 1972
Vennesla Artists Stipend 1989
Vest-Agder County Artists Stipend 1989

Study Tours:
South Afrika
Peru, Bolivia, Brasil

Kirsten Lundsgaardvigs works is discussed in the following publications:

The Norwegian Encyclopedia of Art, Book 2
Danish Art 1985
La Revue Moderne 1971
Gunvald Opstads book "Sørlandskunstnere" (1991)
Norwegian Artists, Agder County 1999

Documentaries on TV:

NRK 1 (twice) in 1994
NRK 2 in 1996
NRK 1 in 2005

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